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How to Make Your Display Decision


Making your display decision is easy and fun. Use the following steps to help guide you.

You are not required to make a display decision until three weeks after the wedding or event date. You may make your display decision at any time before this date if you wish. If you have already made a reservation deposit you must call us to provide your display decision. Do not make it online as it will create a new job number and not provide you with credit for your deposit. Call us toll free, 800-742-9570 and we will be happy to help you.

Step 1: Select the Bouquet Profile

If you are selecting a wall display you need to determine how you want to view your flowers. Do you prefer a "top view" or a "side view" . See the examples below. If you had a cascading bouquet or your flowers were in a bouquet holder your flowers will automatically be displayed with the top view.

Top View Examples

Side View Examples
Cascading or Bouquet Holder Example
Step 2: Do You Want to Add a Photo or Invitation?

If you elect to add additional items to your display you must decide if you prefer flowers from your bouquet to be arranged around the items as shown in Example A, or if you want your bouquet to remain as it was, with the items added like those shown in Example B. Please keep in mind that adding additional items may require a larger display. When you contact us to discuss this option please have the size of your invitation and/or photography available so that we can help you determine display size required.

Example A
Example B
Step 3: Select Your Frame Color

Our catalog shows the frame color options in detail. We offer the shadow box displays in silver, gold, black and cherry (To see color options for Designer Collection Click Here and Classic or Calligraphy Collection Click Here). The Traditional Oval Domes (Click Here for color options) are offered in Dark Cherry, Silver and Gold. All mats are color coordinated to the frame color. We suggest that you consider two elements when making your frame color choice:

a. The color of your flowers
 –  Cherry looks good with rust, red, yellow, pink and white flowers
 –  Silver or black are neutral and looks good with most flower colors, including all pastels
 –  Gold looks best with yellows, creams, rust, gold, or red flowers
b. Your home decor & where you plan to display your flowers
Step 4: Determine the Size Display You Need?

Each of our shadow box sizes list a "viewable area" size. This is the area to consider when selecting a frame size. It is best to contact our design staff and let them help you make this decision. Call toll free, 800-742-9570.

Our design and customer service staff are always available to help with your display and frame color decisions. We recommend that you visit our Bouquet Gallery to see examples of completed displays. This can help you with frame color selection and give you additional ideas. We look forward to helping you.

Step 5: Determine if you want to add Personalization

If you elected to add personalization to a shadow box display you will need to decide which option you prefer. Most brides select the first names of the bride & groom and the wedding date for personalization, but we are happy to add anything that your prefer. Sorry, we cannot add personalization to oval or round dome displays, keepsake/jewelry boxes or other tabletop displays. Click here for more details about personalization.

Step 6 Other Design Considerations & Options

Many wall displays can be designed horizontal or vertical and you can elect to have your flowers displayed on a angle like the examples below. If you are considering any of these options you should discuss them with your design consultant when you call so she can help select the correct frame size.

Example of Horizontal Vs. a Vertical Display
Pictured below are 17 x 20 Classic Collection shadow boxes
Pictured below are 16 x 20 Traditional Oval Dome displays shown with hortizontal & vertical designs.
Examples of Bouquets Displayed on an Angle
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