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How to make your display decision

You're Bridal Bouquet is a Unique Symbol of Your Wedding Day! Preserve it for the Memories!

Heller & Reid bridal, wedding bouquet and flower preservation has been featured in leading bridal publications, including InStyle, Bride, Modern Bride, and Martha Stewart Wedding Magazines.
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Elegant Shadow Box Frames
$185 to $725
      Select from black, cherry, silver, gold, white wash and other frame colors & styles.Click on photo or caption for details.
Designer Colleciton
Designer Collection
Ornate frame, suede matt and carved fillet.
Classic Collection Classic

Smooth frame, double, beveled matt.
  Pyramid Collection Pyramid

Unique angled sidewall, with an open window design.
Memories Collection Memories

Single matt with matching fillet, add a photo or invitation
  Contempo Collection


Wood frame embellished with a delicate pattern, beveled matt.

Decorator Collection

Wood frame embellished with a delicate pattern, beveled matt.
Your Shadow Box Display
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Unique Tabletop Displays
$115 to $535
      Some size and finish options available. Click on photo or caption for details.
Lanterns Lanterns
Select from three exclusive styles, each a unique display option.
Tabletop Domes Tabletop Domes
A full range of sizes allow you to display the boutonniere, corsage, or the full bouquet.
  Contemporary Classic Square
Our unique glass displays protect your preserved flowers and allow for a 3-dimensional view.
Contemporary Glass
Keepsake & Jewelry Box Collection Keepsake & Jewelry Box Collection
The dome topped keepsake & jewelry box is a perfect memento with 3-5 flowers from your bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere. Great bridesmaid gift!
Wall Dome Displays
$160 to $630
      Covered with a four to six inch deep protective acrylic dome. Select from gold, silver, and dark cherry finish. Click on photo or caption for details.
Traditional Oval Collection Traditional Oval Collection
Victorian charm features antiqued frame and dome top.
Memento Oval Collection Memento Oval Collection
Add a photo or invitation along with your flowers.
  Traditional Round Collection Traditional Round Collection
Same as the Traditional Oval Collection but in a 14x14 round frame.
Memento Round Collection Memento Round Collection
Same as the Memento Oval Collection but in a 14x14 round frame.
  Contemporary Oval Collection
Contemporary styling in an oval frame with dome top.
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