Tile is often preferred as a flooring material because it is resistant to water or moisture and brings a good aesthetic as well as energy saving advantages into a home. However, replacing tiles can be quite challenging. Some layer the new tiles over the old ones while others prefer getting rid of the old tiles before installing the new ones. 

So which process do you think is more beneficial? 

Getting rid of every tile on your floor can be challenging task. It is a slow process and you need to be really keen to ensure everything is clean. A tile flooring can be damaged in the process of removal however if you are planning on keeping a few tiles to save up on your flooring, you need to invest extra care in the removal process. This should be observed more properly if your flooring has been done by professionals because tile installation by the pros can be quite challenging to remove.  

If you have no interest in making use of your old tile flooring, you can grab yourself a heavy hammer to get rid of the tile however you should ensure that the flooring underneath it will not be damaged. This can be a tedious task and can really take up your time thus if you want the task to be convenient at your expense, then go ahead and call a pro to do the job for you.  

Another way to install new tiles is to have them layered over the old tile flooring that has already been previously installed in your home or in your bathroom. To start the process correctly, tap the old tile flooring and try to listen for a hollow sound, if ever you do not find any, you can go ahead and proceed with layering or installing the new tiles on top of it however if you hear any hollow sound, an additional process of getting rid of the tile with the hollow sound when tapped is necessary to ensure correct tile installment. If you want to ensure that the new tile installed is leveled, having your floor leveled through sanding is necessary, more than that, this process will also ensure that the new tiles installed will be placed in a more proper manner. Sweep off the floor to remove any dust accumulated due to the sanding process. After this, your new tiles can then be properly placed.  

The process of layering new tiles over old tiles can be more challenging and will need more attention to detail compared to having it all removed. However, whether you are doing the removal before installation or opting for installing your new tiles over the old one, having pros to do it for you is a more wise and convenient decision.  

Letting professionals do the work for yo will ensure that you won’t have tiles that will pop anytime soon because these professionals are properly trained to do the job more efficiently. Letting pros do the work will also bring experienced hands into the task thus ensuring that the work is done with attention to detail and quality work can really aid in ensuring that you flooring will last. Dallas tile installation offers tile installation services that will ease the task for you and ensure that your tile flooring journey will be done with your convenience in mind. You can easily check out their services through accessing their website, dallastilepros.com.