The insulation in your home is very important. The process of proper transfer of heat relies on a good insulation and if your home does not have proper insulation, you may be transferring heat too much. 

Proper insulation should include not just the walls in our home but also your attic, your basement and even the spaces that can be crawled in. This will ensure that you are not paying more than you should on the cooling as well as heating needs you use in your home.  

There are many choices when it comes to insulating your home and one is spray foam insulation.  

1. Spray foam Insulation 

Spray foam insulation is known to be a superior choice when it comes to properly insulating our home. It is sometimes known as foaming insulation and sometimes sprayed insulation. The solution involves only two components and provides an air tight seal in your home. The foam produced from the gun or sprayer expands and will fill any cavity or space you directed it to. It provides a good insulation even into spaces you think are hard to reach.  

Two common spray foam insulation types are known as open cell and closed cell. Open cell spray foam insulation is lower in density and provides a good management of moisture. It is mostly used in spaces that involve sound dampening. Spaces included are theater rooms as well as media rooms. Closed cell is denser than open cell. It is more resistant to change in temperature and is proven to provide excellent insulation for both exterior and interior spaces. It prevents water from seeping in and provides a lot of advantages.  

2. Foam Board 

Foam board is made from three components namely, polyisocyanurate, polyurethane and polystyrene. It is built for walls and ceilings that are not yet fully finished and is known to provide a good amount of insulation to heat.  

3. Blanket batt 

This type of insulation is made from mineral wool, fiberglass and some plastic fibers. This is mostly opted for by people who want to insulate their home by themselves because it is easy to install and is a very affordable choice of insulation material. Just make sure that the material fits perfectly Tito the width of your area of concern, otherwise, you will not achieve proper insulation or your home.  

4. Radiant barrier 

As the name of this insulation type suggest, it does not provide a shield for heat transfer but reflects the heat it receives. The barrier is reflective and is mostly used in the attic of a home. If you are planning to insulate your walls, then this insulation material may not do the job successfully.  

So how can spray foam insulation be superior? Given that spray foam can be used anywhere in the home, it has already gained the number one place. Unlike radiant barrier which is only applicable mostly on attics, spray foam insulation provides insulation not just for your attic but can also provide insulation for the walls in your home and even the roofing system in your home. If you are looking for spray foam insulation services near you, Metro Detroit spray foam insulation is offered through